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Welcome to the family, welcome to eat-eap, the affiliate-program of erotic-art.photography.

Agreement for splitting sales

effected through referrals by one (or more) affiliates' websites by the affiliate-program of erotic-art.photography (hereinafter eat-eap). The affiliate (signed as webmaster by webmaster-referral-form, hereinafter webmaster, affiliate or you) is not part of erotic-art.photography (hereinafter EAP) in no legal sense than the one discribed here. Make sure you have a working site you can offer. Bevor we give the signin area free for you we will see and check it. Say hello, make your offer and get a password for to check into the program > [email protected].


You receive a sharing fee of maximum 50% of all gross net sales made through affiliate-links, means all sales minus payment processing fees handled by CCBill (hereinafter the biller). The affiliate will get it for new signups. If a signed-up member requests a refund or charges back at a later time, the original amount credited will be deducted, means equal to the amount the affiliate received for the sale (signin-fee). All affiliate-links to EAP are tracked by the billers referral system. When you are signed in you will get all informations, examples and help you need to work with this program. Payments are mailed or wired by the biller directly. The minimum check amount is set to 25.00 US-dollar (USD). The minimum check amount can be changed by the biller at any time. The affiliate agrees to pay any and all taxes (incl. sales taxes or VAT) for his part of the sale by itself. EAP will not pay your taxes. EAP will not accept responsibility for clearing affiliates' cheques at their financial institutions or any fees involved, or any fees incurred by affiliate payment through other means.


Using following sources by you are not accepted: e-mail spamming (unsolicited mass e-mails), IRC-clients, and any form of mis-representing EAP or websites which are illegal according to US law. Affiliates are not allowed to use our trademark(s) in search engine ad campaigns. Affliates may not link search engine ads directly to their referral codes. Be free to ask for express written permission by the owner of EAP. Links to your own website promoting our program, are permitted. EAP will not be held responsible for downtimes of the site. But we are happy to let you know that we are working together with most experienced developers and providers which let us know that 99% online is not not likely. EAP will not be responsible for any technical failure that may result in the user's clicks or sales going unregistered. We will take most reasonable steps possible in association with the billers software to ensure that all legitimate sales are recorded and paid. Duration. EAP reserves the right to stop this program at any time without prior notification and without further justification. In this case you will be notified and get paid all accumulated funds by the biller (up to that moment we stopped it). After signin affiliates will have access to their sales account protected and operated by the biller.


EAP will provide special promotional content to help you in your promotional activities. This material includes from time to time banners / text components / preview galleries / preview videos. Be free for to ask us to produce special components for your needs. EAP will not tolerate the use of member area content (especially full photo galleries, full videos). Be free to ask for express written permission by the owner of EAP.


The affiliate has to be the owner of the website or the individual vested with the authority to enter into contracts / agreements on behalf of the owner of the affiliates website. EAP reserves the right to deny participation of the program based on the nature of your website and / or traffic source. EAP reserves the right to change the split percentage at any time without further justification. EAP reserves the right to eliminate your account if there is standstill for more than one month (30 days). You will be notified in advance. EAP reserves the right to delete affiliate registrations at any time where Internet fraud is suspected, especially by the billers risk team. Such sites shall not receive any payments and may be the subject of legal proceedings by the authorities. All funds are paid by the biller in USD.


All content of this website is strictly copyrighted by EAP. You may only use EAPs especially provided promotional content to promote this project! Everything you can find on EAP is by using by us or by registering our trademark, especially including all videos, all images, all texts, all logo and icons, and the website itself, it’s structure and it’s design. The use of trademarks in any way is not allowed. You are not allowed to share, use, copy, edit, reproduce, republish, load up, post, distribute, transmit, transform or modify it in any possible way. Affiliates are only allowed to use the words EAP, eat-eap, erotic-art.photography for to promote EAP. Affiliates agree and accept that e-mail may be sent to them by EAP in the form of newsletters and updates to advise of any changes in this agreement or other promotional information. Affiliates can cancel their promotion work with eat-eap by request. EAP reserves the right to make changes on these terms & conditions of this agreement. Should any provision be or become void under any applicable law, such void provision shall not affect or invalidate any other provision of this agreement. The affiliate agrees to be bound unconditionally to this agreement.

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