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Does raw and cuddly mean your stuff is non edited? EAP-Interview with Jay Gee, June 2017


EAP: Where you are from, Jay Gee?

Jay Gee: In 1962 I was born naked into the heart of Europe, Europe, a woman with a broad countenance.

When did you started photographing?

I was round about ten when my father once on a holiday trip gave his old SLR from the fifties to me with 42mm screw threaded Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. Heavy metal stuff I used over years. Adjusting by hand, using a separate light meter. Best way to learn to handle your instrument.

What kind of equipment you use?

Since the early eighties Canon SLR, later DSLR, different L-lenses and others from third-party manufacturers. An older Ixus which learnt Raw output with the help of chdk-hack. Learnt half a year photoshop from version 4.0 on. Still have a small darkroom. But today it’s more a storage room. Film is cool. Photoshop is hip.

What does photographing erotica means to you?

Celebration of beauty, female beauty. It turns you on.

Which way you discovered photographing erotica?

From user to producer. Naturally. There was a point when I asked myself: When it’s such a faszinating thing, maybe it can be a cool job? Than I realized, you are still a learner. Beeing around with the models is always great fun.

Where do you find your models?

Everywhere. At the bakery, on the train. Online. Website. Casting calls. Agencies. Recommendation by models. Build these fragile eccentric thing a serious confident atmosphere and it works.

What makes a perfect model?

There’s no perfect model. Sexiness depends not on color or figur, it’s a move. To get it banned on film / chip is a communication thing. So basic requirements are an interesting move and an open mind. Everybody can learn this.

What makes a perfect shooting?

Clear instructions can help, but spontaneity and creativity are asked more as a main idea. Be professional. Once set up projects are following their own ghost. Let it grow. Do not accept handicaps, overcome your own. Unwanted advances are the only taboo. Respect. Being deeply relaxed, have good manners and holy respect, while working with people ;-) Enjoy this special kind of mind fuck and make good photos. When a shooting does not work, stop it and say friendly bye bye.

Does raw and cuddly mean your stuff is non edited?

Be sure, nobody wants to see pics which are not edited. Raw and cuddly is what we call our style. True as nature. With all edges and corners. (As a team on EAP we discovered for us that too much off deeply cleaned skin – brought by frequency seperation up to porcelain-like skin without structure and texture – is not what we prefer.)

Why your models have no sedcard info?

Trust in what you see! Do you really need an invented vita for a better illusion? They all come from Dreamland ;-)

Where do you see the boundary between erotic and porn?

Some say there’s a difference between erotic in your head and porn for your genitals. It’s a good versus bad-question, - and this kind is not needed. Push guilt and self-loathing into people about such natural thing as all kinds of nudity are techniques of domination and opression. Don’t fall into the trap of the narrative of fallen angels to be saved from the evil men. Walk unafraid. As free people. - When hiring models it’s the boundary between play and do.

What makes it art?

The unique moment. Build by light. By life itself. Free your fantasy. There’s no hypocrisy needed which makes some stuff art and other stuff simply trivial. There is nothing vulgar under Europe’s sun, - in the universe. It's universal. Differentiation good art and bad trivial bullshit means a technique of domination and opression too. You do not need to apologize with a lable 'art'. Everybody is an artist. It's life. So it's art.

As what you wish to be remembered?

As a maker of erotic with humor.

What is your main idea on photographing erotica?

Follow your own. Technique and philosophy are of minor importance. Follow your own 'perversity' :-) Enjoy. Share.


All models on this site were 18+ at the moment of the shooting

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